Customized airbrush tan preformed in a pop up tent. Different shades are available to enhance your color! 

Spray tans can last between 5-10 days depending on your aftercare. 

Service- $40+hst


Pre-tan instructions


Remove all unwanted body hair 24+ hours BEFORE getting your tan 

Exfoliate 1-3 day in a row to ensure all the dead skin cells have been removed promoting a smooth surface for the tan

Keep your skin hydrated by using bath bombs, oils, or lotions leading up to your appointment. On the day of your tan do NOT put on any lotions, perfumes, makeup or deodorants 


If you need to wash your face or body for any reason less then 24 hours before hand use cold water to keep those pores closed

Bring dark baggy clothes to wear (no bra, zippers or anything tight... pjs are acceptable!)

During your tan

BIRTHDAY SUIT acceptable!

If you feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit, bra or underwear please make sure they are a dark color and are okay with getting tanning solution on it. 

I will walk you through everything else while you are in the salon!

Post Tan Instructions

Once you have left the salon the maintenance of your tan is in your hands. Follow these instructions to prolong your initial results.

Norvell Venetian Express tan requires you to rinse AFTER 3 hours. Other non express tanners require 8-24 hours processing time. It is VERY IMPORTANT to avoid water during your processing time as it can cause the tan to fade faster or become uneven. 


When you rinse your tan use warm water and refrain from use of any soaps or exfoliators 


Keep yourself in a dry cool climate to avoid sweating or feeling sticky

MOISTURIZE always! The more hydrated your skins stays the better your tan will hold & not become flakey 

Avoid soaps with micro exfoliation beads for the first 7-10 days. Clear liquid soaps are better then white or creamy soaps for the longevity of your tan. Once your tan starts to fade feel free to exfoliate to remove the remainder of the tan.