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Rates & Services

Prices may vary with in person consultation. All prices subject to Hst.
     Please note haircuts are not included in the cost of colour services.

Balayage / ba·lay·age

A technique for highlighting hair in which the lightener is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

A soft blended highlight that doesn't start right at the root. Can be done thicker or thinner to add dimension. Most clients can go 2-6 months before getting a touch up done.


Prices range from $175 - 195+

Olaplex in lightener & treatment $25 - $40+


Highlights / Low Lights

Can add brightness or depth to the hair. 

Baby fine highlights for a better grow out or normal to thick highlights for a more promonent look. Usually requires a touch up every 6-8 weeks.

Prices range from $155 - 190+

Olaplex- $25 - $40+


Full Colour / Root Touch Up

A demi or permanent colour.

Covering those greys, darkening your base color or adding some richness and shine to your hair!?

Average touch up time every

4-8 weeks.

Prices range from $100+ ( Root Touch )

$130+ ( Full Colour )




To tone down or get rid of un-wanted tones.

Looking to add back some life and shine to your dull hair? Toner can do just that! It can also be used to tone out brass or to darken a colour. Toner will not make blonde hair brighter!

Prices range from $120+


Dry Trim / Wash, Cut & Style

Getting a haircut every 2-4 months is a great way to maintain healthy hair as well as encourage hair growth.

Come in with clean, smooth hair for a quick dry trim to keep the length but dust off the split ends.


Come in to get the full treatment of a wash with a head massage (best part), trim or any desired length cut off, blowout and style!

Prices range from $35+ / $80

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